Becky's Fiat 500 Electric Review
  • Becky's Fiat 500 Electric Review
  • 20 January 2021
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    Becky's Fiat 500 Electric Review

    An honest review of the Brand New Fiat 500 Electric by Becky Vickers.

In December I was invited to visit Fiat HQ for a Covid safe launch of the 500 Electric. This is Fiat’s first fully electric car that is due to be released for sale in Spring 2021.

Due to the Covid safety requirements it was only myself and a member of the Fiat team viewing the 500e, socially distanced.

I personally had a Fiat 500 in 2009 and it was sad day when I part exchanged it in 2014, so to be able to view the next generation of 500 was very appealing. So, let’s see if I would be as impressed as I was 11 years ago.

Upon entering the room, I was instantly impressed by the changes that have been made to the exterior of the Fiat 500e, what struck me was how the Fiat 500 Electric encompasses the 500 identity that we all know and love, this ALL NEW car has taken the 500 to the next level with slightly increased dimensions, the 500e is 56mm wider, 61mm longer, 29mm taller with a longer wheel base by 22mm, this certainly gives the car even more road presence without making it feel any bigger to drive. The bodywork lines have been smoothed and rounded giving a subtle shape change creating the iconic 500 silhouette, there is little interruption to the silhouette with hidden door handles, flush grille styling and a very clever front lighting cluster that sits above and below the bonnet line. The 500e I viewed was finished in Cloud Grey, a Matt paint finish, which certainly showed off the new bodywork lines perfectly.


You can tell I was hugely impressed by the exterior of the new 500e and was excited to see how the interior would look. After sanitising the hidden door handle, which is opened by a soft push button release, I was met by a sleek interior, the new dashboard mimic’s the styling of the previous 500’s with two tone dashboard and circular dial speedometer, the interior is very simplistic with only a steering wheel, touch screen display and driving selector buttons to interrupt the eyeline.

I was soon settled in to the Fiat 500e and I was invited to take the car for a little drive. As the car is yet to be released in the UK market the 500e I would be test driving was a left hand drive. 

500e Interior
500e Full Dashboard

After finding my way around the controls, which have not changed in position since my 500, I was ready to go. I started the car with a push button, and could only tell the car was ready to go by the illumination of the speedometer, of course as the car was electric it was so peaceful!

So, by now I am already impressed by everything this car has had to offer so was naturally a little sceptical how well the drive would be because after all there is normally always a hitch. Within seconds of leaving, I couldn’t stop smiling, I felt exactly like I did when I first drove my 500 back in 2009. There was absolutely nothing to be sceptical of this car as it drove like a dream. So enough of all the emotional findings of this drive let’s get down to the serious information, with the car being fully electric it was of course Automatic and with there being no engine involved there was no gear change to be felt, making this drive as smooth as hot chocolate. It was quick off the mark too and got up to speed rapidly, the product information tells us you can go from 0-62mph within 9-9.5 seconds and I can truly believe those figures. The 500 is light weight enough to manoeuvre but heavy enough to stick to the road. The comfort of this short drive was impressive too.
500e dashboard

All 500 specifications include the e-Mode selector; which allows the driver to choose between Normal, Range and Sherpa. I mainly drove the 500 in “Normal” mode but did change into “Sherpa” let me explain the 3 e-Modes; Normal: Drives like any Automatic would drive. ‘Range’: The ‘one-pedal’ function means acceleration and deceleration can be controlled by the same pedal. When the pedal is not pressed, the car recovers energy to the maximum, making it slow down until it comes to a complete stop. This driving style, ideal for urban use, means the car can recover a great deal of its battery energy. ‘Sherpa’: Now this is a very clever driving selection that will follow the mode of “Range” to carry out an electric saving drive ensuring you get to the destination you have set in the Sat Nav or your nearest charging point making sure there’s no range anxiety.

When I returned to Fiat HQ after my drive, I turned the 500 off and was greeted with a display showing the usage of electric from the drive. My statistics were a 14-minute drive of a distance of 4km using only 1% of battery. The specification I drove was the 199 miles battery range, which would very easily get you to most daily destinations and back. There is no need for range anxiety with either the 115 mile range or 199 mile range on offer throughout the specifications.

500e Trip Summary

You may still be waiting for the bad news but I honestly cannot find any with this beautiful car, even the charging of the car is nothing to grumble about anymore. The 500 can be charged with a variety of modes; Domestic 3-pin Socket giving a full charge within 8h45, Charging Station within 2h30 and DC Fast Charging Station within 30minutes. Based on 115 mile city range – there will be no need to call at the cold, damp, dirty fuel station pouring the contents of your purse in the tank every week.

Alongside the environmental benefits of going electric this makes owning an electric vehicle very tempting indeed.

Fiat have got the mix of nostalgia and modern technology just right.

I cannot wait to welcome you into the dealership to experience the Fiat 500 Electric when it is in our showrooms this Spring. I promise you will Drive with a smile!

Becky Vickers, Operations Manager at TJ Vickers


Becky Vickers
500e Front
Vist our Fiat 500 Electric page for more information. 
500e Side View
500e rear2
500e details
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